Haunted Places in Michigan

Many say there is something beyond what can be measured in this world, things that cannot be easily explained. Below is a video special of five investigations that go past the edge of the known.

Stories by Brent Ashcroft
Video by Evan Linnert and Mike Powers

Beyond the Edge of the Known

Stories that explore the haunted places in Michigan

A small town in southern West Michigan that may have more ghosts than residents and has turned a skeptic into a believer in the supernatural. Two lighthouses in West Michigan whose keepers have never let go according to paranormal investigators. The legend of a ghostly woman killed by her husband when he caught her with her lover. A cemetery that some claim is the most haunted in the nation. An old home with an unfriendly witch who curses those who pass by.

Explore these stories and get behind the scenes insights in the videos below.

Seven Gables Road

From hospitals to hotels, lighthouses to landmarks and roads to restaurants, it's believed by many that gruesome histories and ghostly urban legends cling to certain locations around Michigan.

One of the roads in particular is Seven Gables Road in Dansville, Mich., which is a small community located about 25 miles southeast of Lansing.

It's revered as the most haunted road in Michigan, and whether the legendary backstory of what happened there is true or not, present day thrill-seekers seem to always leave the area with countless unexplained and disturbing experiences. Read the story >>

Ghosts of Michigan's Coasts

Standing tall along 3,200 miles of Michigan’s Great Lakes shoreline are more than 120 lighthouses.

Many of these lights are still active, providing direction and pointing to safe haven for the ships and boats who need it, while others have been dormant for decades.

Well, dormant in the literal sense of the word.

A Michigan woman is certain that there’s more inside these structures than just winding staircases leading to the top. She strongly believes the ghosts of former lighthouse keepers are still lingering long after death seemingly ended their duty.

The Ada Witch Legend

For nearly 150 years, an urban legend has been shared in a West Michigan community.

The tale of infidelity, murder and mounting paranormal experiences has drawn interest from all over the country. It's the story of the Ada Witch.

Ghost hunters, historians and journalists alike have spent decades trying to prove the legend to be fact or fiction. A ghost hunter from Grand Haven, Nicole Bray, recently co-authored a book entitled, "Ghosts of Grand Rapids," where she spent a chapter detailing her intense research on the Ada Witch Legend.

A Tour of Lake Forest Cemetery

For some, Halloween means costumes and candy. For others, it involves trying to create a pipeline to the paranormal.

A West Michigan cemetery, tucked in the hills of Grand Haven, is claimed by many to be one of the most haunted in the entire country, and decades-worth of common, unexplained experiences have given birth to a spooky legend. Read the story >>

Galien Ghostbusters

For most, Halloween is a day that's observed and celebrated on one day each year — Oct. 31.

But for a small village in southwestern Michigan, many of the residents believe the spirits there are stirring every single day.

Galien is located in southern Berrien County, about 15 miles north of the Indiana state line. The village was platted by founder George A. Blakeslee in 1861, then incorporated in 1879. Read the story >>

Ghost of girl who died in 1892 believed to haunt Allegan's Old Jail Museum

From the outside, Allegan County's Old Jail Museum looks like a typical Victorian-style structure that's stood the test of time. But inside, many believe the building has more happening than just the curation of artifacts, including the lingering ghostly presence of a little girl who died nearby more than a century ago. Read the story >>

Grand Rapids Ghost Tour

At the turn of the 18th century, Native Americans considered the land on which downtown Grand Rapids sits as, "The Haunted Valley of the Grand." Is it true? Read the story >>

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